ADVANCE Resources


Project CREST Resources

Below are a list of resources both internal and external to UCCS related to enhancing the research experiences of women- and minority-identifying faculty and improving communication within departments. For a brief overview of Project CREST specifically, you can download that here! Feel please free to share with your colleagues!  
Annual Review Co-Creation Toolkit
Workplace Culture Survey Literature-Based Action Inspiration Guide
ADVANCE Resource and Coordination (ARC) Network
National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)
UCCS Biases in Research and Beyond: Literacy Reference Guide.
Research, Inequity, and Social Justice at UCCS
Extramural Diversity
Asking Humble Questions
An Ethos of Care
Pandemic Impacts on Research - Resources for Action
CREST Fest 2022 Posters
Campus Award and Seed Grant Rubric
Annual Merit Review Coding Rubric