Mountain Lion Research Day

December 6th, 2024


Join us for MLRD 2024 on December 6th from 12pm-4pm in Gallogly Event Center! 

Currently, abstracts for MLRD are not being accepted yet, but feel free to check out the MLRD 2023 abstracts!

 Check Out This Year's Abstracts!

Thank you for being a part of our research community!

Presenter Information

2023 Graduate Top Scholar Winners
Graduate Winner
Colton Hill and Philip Brown are this year's Graduate Top Scholar winner for their presentation titled "The Tradeoff Between Altruism and Anarchy in Transportation Networks".
2023 Undergraduate Top Scholar Winner
Undergraduate Winners
Kaitlin McAllister and her co-authors Joey Espejo, Kush Tyagi, Zbigniew Celinski, Maria Usanova and Dmytro Bozhko are this year's Undergraduate top scholar winners for their work titled "MiniMag: A Magnetometer Based on the Faraday Effect for Space Applications".