Co-Creating Annual Reviews

Co-Creating Evaluations

The ADVANCE Project CREST Team developed this toolkit in consultation with the West Virginia University Dialogues program to assist you in the important work of creating new or revising existing annual merit review criteria and processes. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide quick and easy access to ideas and tools for implementing engaging and inclusive discussions as departments undertake the task of separating annual review criteria from their RPT criteria. Departments should review the CU regent mandates regarding annual review criteria (as different from RPT criteria) as well as the relevant regent policy and CU Administrative statements. We link to these policies and mandates in the toolkit as well as below. 

The Project CREST Team is here to offer support to you and your departments as you navigate this important process. If you would like help facilitating these conversations, developing tools for brainstorming sessions, or would like our team to look over any versions of the criteria you create, please just ask! You can send and email to and we will be happy to help in any way we can.