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Service Equity Task force
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Nationwide, service loads of faculty, especially women- and minority- identifying faculty, are typically unevenly distributed and unevenly regarded. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated all service demands on faculty, which has long-term ramifications on faculty careers. For a list of evidence, please see Biases in Research and Beyond: Literacy Reference Guide. The Service Equity Task Force, led by two faculty fellows, will help define the service issues specific to UCCS faculty and identify tools and strategies to address these issues. This task force represents a joint effort between Project CREST, Faculty Assembly Women's Committee and received partial funding support from the Office of Provost.

Service Workloads Through and Intersectional Lens

In the fall of 2023, Amanda Elder and Nick Fuselier were chosen as Faculty Fellows and will lead the task force’s efforts, including identifying the service issues specific to UCCS faculty and identify strategies to address any findings as necessary. These fellow were selected to lead the task force, in part, because of their demonstrated commitment to inclusion and their understanding of intersectional forces that compound inequities for faculty


As a part of this work, we are working to establish a Service Equity Task Force Advisory Team. This group of faculty members will meet via Teams a max of four times (potentially twice in the Fall semester and twice in the Spring semester) to support the efforts of the Task Force. This group will 1) provide feedback & perspectives to the Faculty Fellows to advance the ongoing work of the Task Force, 2) receive updates from the Faculty Fellows on the ongoing work of the Task Force, and 3) potentially contribute to particular tasks (e.g., survey and/or focus group development) to support the ongoing work of the Task Force.


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Mandi Elder

Professor | Athletic Training Program Director

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