Cybersecurity Seed Grant Winners

Seed Grants

Cybersecurity Seed Grant Winners

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Gedare Bloom and YanYan Zhuang, Engineering
Reverse Engineering IoT Firmware

Philip Brown, Engineering
Learning to Defend: Reinforcement Learning Methods for Cyber Defense Policy

Keith Paarporn and Shouhuai Xu, Engineering
Characterizing and Optimizing Active Cyber Defense

Darshika Perera and Kelly McNear, Engineering and LAS
Embedded Device-Based AI-Driven Raman Spectroscopy for Public Safety Applications

Kate Quintana, Anna Kosloski, Dan Olson, and Caroline Chubb, CoPS
Online Participation in Illicit Economies



David Kocsis, Information Systems & David Segal, Psychology
The Behavioral and Management Side of Cybersecurity - Cyberhygiene, Cyberpsychology, and Impacting the Future Workforce

Morgan Shepherd, Information Systems & Tejay Gurvirender, Information Systems
Improving Cybersecurity Training Through Andragogical Approach: A Design Science Study for Secure Cyberspace

Hui Wan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Partial Differential Equations Approach to Modeling and Controlling Cybersecurity Dynamics: Dimension and Non-Linearity Reduction

Yanyan Zhuang, Computer Science
Curating an IoT Firmware Update Dataset

Gia Barboza & Dan Olson, Department of Criminal Justice
Cybersecurity Needs and Demands for Criminal Justice Professionals

Edward Chow, Department of Computer Science
Evaluate and Enhance Cybersecurity Processes

Byeong Kil Lee, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Reconfigurable Design for PMC-based Malware Detection

Shuai Daniel Li, Department of Computer Science
Understanding Website Fingerprinting

Darshika Perera, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Towards Composing Dynamic and Partial Reconfigurable Hardware Architectures for Cryptographic Algorithms on Embedded Devices

Cortny Stark, Department of Counseling & Human Services
Campus Connections: Cultivating Social & Emotional Wellness in At-Promise Youth through Digital Citizenship

Gurvirender Tejay, Department of Information Systems
Discovering Factors Influencing Information Believability to Mitigate Dissemination of (Mis)information: An Experimental Neuroscience Study for Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace

Sean Williams, Department of Technical Communications & Information Design
Exploring the User Experience Design of Commercially Available Cybersecurity Products for Personal Mobile Devices

Yanyan Zhuang, Department of Computer Science
Should Smart Homes be Scared of Evil Maids?
Identifying Firmware Update Vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) Devices