Commonly Asked Questions About ADVANCE Grants

Commonly Asked Questions About ADVANCE Grants

  • A: While the NSF funding can only be spent on tenure/tenure track faculty in STEM and Behavioral Science fields (as defined by the NSF), the project is set up such that units outside those areas will be creatively included when possible, lessons learned will be shared with all unit leaders, and we hope all of campus will be inspired by and want to participate in the work even if not directly funded. Many of the activities will be immediately scaled up with commitments from campus so that all people can benefit, no matter their identity or field of study. Thus, while there might be a few activities that prioritize certain departments, we are always committed to finding ways to immediately or eventually adapt to all of campus.

  • A: Though most IRC faculty do not have research in their job descriptions, and this grant focuses on research, it is also the case that the things we put in place are intended to improve the research infrastructure at UCCS that anyone can and will benefit from.

  • A: There are real gender and racial gaps that exist, including at UCCS, in the participation of marginalized and minoritized faculty. DEI is a core value at UCCS. It is also true that creating an inclusive research culture means lifting all boats. While the activities we use are documented to broaden the participation of these important groups, they are implemented in a way that fosters success for the entire campus no matter someone’s identity or field of study. So, while you might see targeted strategies you will also see that when possible those strategies are scaled up and sustained to be as inclusive as possible over time.

  • A: It’s fantastic that your unit is diverse and that means you’ve much to offer in terms of how to help other units reach a similar level of success. Of course, diversity takes many forms and there is always room for improvement. The nature of academia is revise and resubmit, so we know you’ll still benefit by reflecting on your current successes and mapping out an even more inclusive culture of research for your department.

  • A: You are to be commended for all you contribute to your field! And, we also know there is always room for improvement especially for the next generation of scholars. We have much to learn from you as to how you’ve succeeded and how we can make it even easier and better for you and others in the future. There are very few women full professors at UCCS, for example, and putting in place supports for research we hope can empower women to go up for promotion, enjoy the influence that comes as a full professor, and provide role models to our students and early career faculty.

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